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LivingWell@Home (Senior living)

LivingWell@Home is a remote patient monitoring service that uses technology to empower you to choose the care and services you desire, to live in the home you choose, and to improve your overall well-being.


LivingWell@Home is designed to help you live as well, and as independently as possible. The service can provide information on vital signs, sleep patterns and activity patterns to allow you and your caregivers to take proactive steps to maintain or enhance your health.


The LivingWell@Home suite of technologies includes sensor and telehealth technology. The telehealth technology gathers health data such as blood pressure, pulse, weight and oxygen levels. The sensor technology uses non-invasive sensors that detect changes in normal day-to-day patterns like sleeping behaviors, movement around the house, bathroom trips and bathing habits.


Information is collected and transmitted to the Good Samaritan Society’s central monitoring center, called the LivingWell Center. The data is reviewed regularly by a team led by nurse specialists. They analyze the data and follow up on possible health concerns.


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