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Telehealth services include remote care delivery and monitoring tools that enable home care staff to improve care delivery, empower clients to participate in their care, reduce overall healthcare expenses and assist with communication to family and physicians with client permission.


Good Samaritan Society telehealth provides the supportive services you need to remain as independent as possible and to stay in your own home.


Very simply, telehealth means delivering healthcare from a distance. You can see, hear and talk to our nursing staff via telecommunications devices. At the same time, they can also see, hear and talk to you. It’s as easy as calling a friend!


Good Samaritan Society telehealth uses devices placed in your home to record your vital signs, remind you to take medication and answer simple questions about your condition. The ability to visit with you in between regular home visits allows the Good Samaritan Society  to maintain close contact with you and support you in educational processes related to your condition. You can be connected with a nurse in seconds — without leaving your home.


Why is telehealth a good choice for you and your family?


  • Reduces caregiver stress and minimizes the need for caregivers and relatives to travel to or give you a ride to a medical facility.
  • Promotes independence and can help you to remain in your own home.
  • Empowers you to achieve your goals.
  • Helps to maintain social connectedness. The emotional value of hearing someone ask about your well-being on a daily basis is immeasurable.
  • Increases quality of life, reduces the need for hospitalization and helps relieve anxiety.
  • Increases your knowledge of your condition by encouraging self-management.
  • Improves medication compliance, reducing the risk of complications.

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